Spring Is on its Way!

I grew up in Wisconsin. I loved the fall leaves, and the balmy summer heat, the thunderstorms, humming cicadas and huge yards of flowers, grassy yards, huge oak and maple and walnut trees, and fields of clover and corn. But I …
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New Releases – January 2016

Here are our new releases for winter of 2016. All of these designs are also available without the greetings, as blank note cards.
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An Unusual Way to Grow a Primrose

We thought you might like to see our unusual methods for growing flowers at Painted Tongue Press, so we’ve put together a photo essay about it. We begin by studying photographs of the flower, plant or vegetable that will be the subject of our next card – in this case, primrose. When our card line started out, we used old botanical engravings and illustrations, but all of the recent cards in our line are drawn from scratch, in house, by Kim Vanderheiden. Kim uses the photographs from various sources as a basis for understanding the plant’s nature and behavior, and variations on how it grows. She uses sections of photographs as a basis for the illustrations, but changes elements to suit the needs of the drawing. It’s important to capture the botanical nature of the plant and not copy a photographer’s composition. She draws the plant in vignettes because that plays into the way we create our final composition on the card. Here are the primrose drawings that were used for our card, complete with the little critter. Each card has a critter. Sometimes it’s a small bug. Sometimes it’s something more obvious like a bird or rabbit. After the […]
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